Symbolizing attitude, fashion, vibrancy, the youth has embraced denims, not just as a clothing option but as a mark of lifestyle. Within the apparel segment, the Denim category is one of the fastest growing. This is evident in the metros as well as rest of the country.

  • John Players, owned by ITC, introduced the Denim category within the portfolio in 2006.
  • Recognizing youth market trends and the potential of the denim category, Johnplayers.jeans was introduced as a sub-brand in 2008.
  • The brand has been strengthened with an enhanced range with the incorporation of multiple fits - Regular, Slim and Skinny.
  • The brand is growing exponentially, and is available across over 400 exclusive stores, and leading MBOs and departmental stores.
  • The brand has elicited very enthusiastic response from market. To complement the look, one can choose from a variety of accessories such as belts, mufflers, ties and wallets.

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